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A STORY OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP! Once upon a time there was an eight-year-old girl named Anna who loved her parents very much and was happy every day of her life, because she felt safe and protected by her mother and father. She wished for all the children to be as happy as she was and she also wished the same for her favorite plush toys, a little kitten named as Catherine and a piglet called Wilbur. Anna, Wilbur, and Catherine were inseparable. These soft toys had become Anna’s best friends and constant companions everywhere she went – when she slept, when she ate, and even when she went to school, Catherine and Wilbur were always by Anna’s side. One day, Anna was told that she was no longer allowed to bring them to the school. She would need to leave her best friends alone in her room! This really saddened Anna because she did not want Catherine and Wilbur to feel lonely. Just thinking about them made her cry for a long time. Suddenly, Anna’s fairy godmother appeared before her and asked why she was crying. “My darling child, you know I don’t want to see you cry. Please tell me what I can do to make you happy again,” said the fairy godmother. The young girl remembered that her fairy godmother was always willing to give her anything that she asked for just as long as it was for her own good. “Oh my fairy godmother, I wish my friends Catherine and Wilbur will never have to be alone and sad. I wish for them to have mothers to love them at all the times!” The kind fairy godmother granted Anna’s wish and magically created two bigger plush toys that looked exactly like Anna’s favorite stuffed toys. Finally, Catherine and Wilbur got their moms and this made Anna very happy. From then on, Anna’s fairy godmother gave all the little animal plush toys a father or a mother to make them feel safe and loved just as Anna wished for her beloved best friends Catherine and Wilbur.

★ DESIGNED BY A CHILD FOR CHILDREN. Tessa Plush Toys Set comes in 2 adorable characters, a piglet with loving mother. DESIGNED BY A 8 YEAR OLD GIRL and serve as both fleece pillows and best friends for every child who loves to hug. These cute stuffed animals and unique soft plush toys will be the best gift you can choose for your children and grandchildren. The product is packed in a gift bag. Stuffed animal set.

★ ANIMAL STUFFED TOYS THAT EVERY CHILD WILL LOVE. Just as children feel secure with the love of their parents who kiss and hug them, these plush toys for kids come in pairs, so that your child’s bedtime toys will also have loving mothers or fathers to watch over them. Ideal baby stuffed animals, these are real plush toys for babies and every child.

★ TOP – NOTCH QUALITY. Our baby plush toys are HANDCRAFTED FROM SOFT AND HYPOALLERGENIC 100% POLYESTER FABRIC and have no buttons or any other dangerous small parts. The matching bows can attach to the ears or tail of the toys. If you give the toy to a child under the age of 3, remove the bows. Wanna keep them clean? Simply wash in your washing machine at 40 degrees of Celsius.

★ FEED THE IMAGINATION. Hone your child’s storytelling potential as they use their imagination to make each stuffed plush toy speak to each other and become loyal friends who will never make him/her feel alone even when he/she has no one else to play with. Also, the sleep times will never be the same with these cute baby plush toys.

★ PLAYMATES AND BEST FRIENDS. Stuffed animal. Toys are important in building children’s appreciation of their parents’ love. Having a soft toy that is paired with a mother or father gives the assurance that their parents and grandparents can also be cool friends and playmates, too. The plush toy is also suitable for children’s hospitals. MADE IN FINLAND. SO WHY WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE! CLICK “ADD TO CART” BUTTON NOW.


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